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lunes, 19 de junio de 2017


There's almost everything and nothing
           to make changes
                          but the universe doesn't changes on the mind of eternal novel minds
              We're losing almost every inch of humanity,
                         just with you
           my friend
                           you, that seeks and destroy the pieces of feeling
   in your heart
                        just looking for somethig that are useless to your psiquis

I dont search for you to post your inner feelings, i just saying that it's nothing there
                         all it's on the web 2.0 believing that your mind it's out there
                                                       when it's nothing less to share
                                               but a moment of surprise
                                      that element that show you fragil and

Just look, the humanity it's lost on words that doesn't describe you
                             it's just a piece of what
                                                                 you could and most becoming to be

                              A criature separeted from home, and late on your
                                                                                                      real self